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Friday, June 13, 2008

We owe it to the Gov

Al Franken is his own worst enemy and we as conservatives can be thankful that the Democratic party has decided that he is their candidate of choice for the Senate this fall. State Senator Olseen is squarely in support of Franken and this puts us as conservatives in a very good position for his seat in the next election cycle. I have reviewed the legislation that Olseen has authored and co-authored during his tenure at the capital and it is embarrassing at best. Senator Olseen is very much married to Representative Kalin on many of his bills and these two are like bumbling dolts when it comes to addressing the issues that need attention. What we have here are marching soldiers of the state Dfl who are told how to vote and when to vote by the party leadership. The partisan state DFL party has decided that a state budget increase of anything less than 10% across the board is a tax cut. They have bred their state legislators to fall right in line with this inept thought process. Thank goodness for Gov. Pawlenty and the common sense of the GOP. This is a tough battle for us but the Gov. has done an admirable job of holding as much ground as possible considering the political landscape at this particular time in history. Let us begin here and now, we need to continue an aggressive campaign to throw out Kalin this fall, send Coleman back to Washington, and line up a candidate as soon as possible to replace Olseen in the Senate. It is never too early to start and we owe it to Gov. Pawlenty to send him some support in the House and Senate.

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