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Monday, June 16, 2008

Liberal Gibberish

Having declared without proof that ". . . global climate change is real . . . ," Elwyn Tinklenberg declared, "We need to reduce America's dependence on the coal and petroleum products that are the primary causes of global warming."

This liberal mantra is so accepted among the elite that they do not even bother explaining the connection between the energy source and global warming. To them it does not need any more explanation than it gets warm in the summer. Indeed, you accept it by faith, faith in Tinklenberg.

When the effect (climate change) is accepted without any evidence offered and the cause (coal and oil) is accepted without proof, we are truly in trouble. This man claims he has the solution to a problem that no one can prove even exists and in the face of significant evidence that it does not exist.

A doctor may prescribe a cure for an ill patient that is temporarily worse than the disease in an effort to bring healing. But a prescription for a debilitating cure for a healthy person would be deadly.

Such is Tinklenberg, only he is worse. Tinklenberg is an opportunist. Put him in office precisely because he has prescribed the cure for the non-existent problem that is ". . .the biggest long-term challenge our nation and world face." This man is not a leader, a statesman, a public servant; he is a messiah. He offers himself as the savior of the world. But read on. In the end, this messiah has a non-cure for a non-problem.

Tinklenberg subtly moves from the alarmism of global warming to the more palpable alarmism of national security in the face of dependence on foreign oil and squandering our wealth to make foreigners rich. He writes, "These problems [companions to the big non-problem] are long-range and complex. No immediate or simple remedies are available that will correct the current situation, but prompt action by our nation is essential." Get that?! ". . .[N]o immediate or simple remedies are available that will correct the current situation . . . "

But not having any ". . . immediate or simple remedies . . . " available, he insists ". . . prompt action by our nation is essential." Now that is a real problem solver and leader!

Typical of liberals, he thinks something has caused a problem, when he doesn’t know there is not a problem. He doesn’t know there is not a need for a solution. He hypes two things (national security and loss of wealth) he regards as problems that exist totally apart from his imaginary problem. Then he tells us he has the solution. And then tells us there is not any solution. But we must act! We must do it for our kids and grand kids!

Get that? This man knows where he has been, where he is and where he is going. Follow him over the cliff. He is the blind leading the blind. This man gave us light rail.


Skipper said...

No proof?


I supposed you don't think cigarettes cause lung cancer, either.

I think people who don't believe in science shouldn't be allowed to use it. No computers for you!

Elephant Herd said...

Tinklenberg indeed wrote his piece without offering any proof, which is what I stated.

You completely missed my point. I am the one who argues for science.

If the wannabe representative didn't want to take time to list his proof, he could have linked to the IPCC report or elsewhere. He didn't offer any proof.

Whether the IPCC report is proof of global warming or not, is another story. Some of the original contributors contested its assessments. The UN is the last place I would look for a valid assessment about anything.