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Monday, June 16, 2008

Remember who we are….

We are conservatives and I urge the conservatives of our precinct, of our district, of our state and of our country to remember who we are. We are the conservatives who remember the connection between economic justice and economic growth. Growth in our economy will not only create jobs everywhere but it will enhance family stability which our country needs as a backbone to survive. A strong healthy economy encourages optimism about the future. We need to encourage our elected officials to maintain tax cuts, cut more, and when that has been accomplished, we need to cut even more! Our government has to be reigned in, draw down on the overwhelming regulations and encourage a free market system with open competition. Barack Obama and the liberal left will have you believe that they need to be elected into office in order to save us from ourselves. We cannot provide health care for ourselves and our families so they will provide it for us. They will have the average American believe that all will be better with a socialistic government in place and all will be good. In their system there will be no rich, no poor, there will be no class system because that just simply is not fair. Does that sound familiar? Karl Marx sang that tune some time ago and generations of people paid the price of having it ‘fair’ for everyone.
We as Americans need to get the word out. We need to converse with our neighbors, our children and our friends. We need to create a ground swell of support for the ideals that made our party great. We need to remind people that the Grand Old Party is made up of good, decent people, creative people who raise their families, go to church, and help out in the community when needed because we are the community. This will be a struggle in the future that we cannot give up on it, we need to educate those ignorant to the obvious, and remember as my old boss used to say, ‘this is not Right versus Left, it is Right versus Wrong.”

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