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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Taxing Kalin

Writing in the local papers, Kalin (D-17B) declared, "In this tough economy, we’ve all had to tighten our belts and stretch our household budgets. For most of us that means taking summer vacation closer to home or cooking more meals at home."

So Kalin acknowledges we have a tough economy which has stretched our budgets and forced us to tighten our belts. I’m glad he recognizes it. But there is something wrong with this picture. He has the audacity to say that and yet not acknowledge that he is blameworthy for creating some of the poorer economy.

He voted for the gas tax increase which hits the poor disproportionately hard. There is hardly ever a tax increase that he does not like. He hasn’t a clue that taking that much money out of the economy for taxes has a significant impact on slowing the economy. Taxpayers have that much less to spend. That is what forces us to tighten our belts. And then he tells us we need to be generous with the hungry. The man has no shame.

His chutzpah is endless. If the legislative session had not come to an end, Kalin would still be voting to increase our taxes. He and the Dems had $5 billion more in proposed legislation, ready to spend your money. He views the taxpayers of Chisago County as cash cows to fund his escapades in the legislature. It’s time to remove him because we cannot afford to have him become a fixture in the legislature.

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MisterC said...

Ummmmm, apparently Kalin's "we" doesn't include legislators. Legislators greatly increased their own expense reimbursement rates (think housing and per-diem increases). Oh, and their mileage reimbursement rate increased too. I Wish I could get paid more just because gas is now crazy expensive!!!!!!!!!

On top of that, instead of "belt-tightening" on the budget they increased state spending. Even with a massive budget deficit, they increased the amount of state spending. Well, at least they drained the state checking and savings accounts to do it, so we have nothing to fall back on next year when the anticipated budget deficit is REALLY big.

Uff-Da! and Oy Vey!