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Friday, June 27, 2008

"GHOST WRITERS" - An old DFL cover tactic!

Remember the blog of a few days ago critical of the Director of Heartland Express for using her position as a paid public employee to politically praise Kalin/Olseen in the local newspapers - praising them from her position not as a private citizen which would be her unquestionable right but as a paid public employee, by title, which certainly is ethically questionable.

But rather than respond to legitimate criticism a "ghost writer" was enlisted to write a letter to the editor (the Star) further supporting Kalin & Olseen on the same issue. That's nothing but "ghost writing" and that's a tactic the DFL uses.

The Director of Heartland Express owes a public apology for this lapse in judgment and Olseen and Kalin ought to request that the apology be made lest they be, by default, party to the same questionable issue.

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