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Saturday, June 14, 2008


Senator Rick Olseen and Representative Jeremy Kalin have been prating about the successful outcome of the recently concluded 2008 legislative session.

In fact they came in for high praise from the Chisago-Isanti County Heartland Express transit system Director (see letter to editor - "Thanks to our legislators" - ECM Post Review, May 28, 2008).

Apart from the very questionable ethics and impropriety of a publicly salaried employee who stands to benefit directly from the legislation for which Olseen and Kalin are praised by the Director is the fact that the Director wrote the letter to the editor in her capacity as a public employee - "Transit Director" - rather than expressing her views as a private citizen for which she would be unquestioned in any venue. Where lies the supervisory discipline for this serious ethical infraction?

Contrast this then with the report by the North Branch Area School District 138 Superintendent, Dr. Deb Henton, in the same issue of the ECM Post Review wherein the Superintendent announces, flat out, that "transportation for secondary studcnts (living within a two-mile radius of schools) will be discontinued" beginning Fall 2008. This latter commentary, by the school superintendent, is important information for public consumption not a personal partisan political statement - it is simply a stated fact for which the Superintendent is to be commended for bringing it to public attention.

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