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Friday, June 13, 2008

Should You Trust What Rep. Kalin Says - Or How He Votes?

Representative Jeremy Kalin tells the public that he is a "fiscal conservative." You have undoubtedly seen his public comments declaring that.

But the TAXPAYERS LEAGUE OF MINNESOTA - a "nonpartisan, nonprofit grassroots taxpayer advocacy organization representing thousands of Minnesotans" gives Representative Kalin a (ZERO) - that is right - a zero rating - in the organization's 2007 Legislative Scorecard.

For detailed and further information on ALL legislators (REPUBLICAN and DFL) contact the TAXPAYERS LEAGUE OF MINNESOTA at 651-294-3590. You will be interested to discover the difference between what Representative Kalin (and also Senator Olseen) tell you or what they put into their news releases carried by the local press and how they actually vote.

You owe it to yourself. Or as former President Ronald Reagan said of relations with the former Soviet Union - "TRUST - BUT VERIFY!"

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