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Monday, June 16, 2008

Liberal Scare Tactics

The wants of most liberals is universal health care for all. The numbers are thrown out there regarding the staggering number of Americans who do not have health care insurance. The real question that should be asked is how many Americans do not get care when they are in need of it? The staggering number of people on public assistance in this country are not included in the figures relied on to make these outrageous claims. Since they are on assistance, they are considered to have no health insurance coverage, yet they get medical care in the form of public assistance, and the care they get is very good.
These number games have become the liberal lefts way of manipulating scare tactics to the masses. From health insurance to global warming, from tax cuts to oil company profits, the liberal left has become quite skilled at playing the numbers game and it has become increasingly easy with the mainstream media on their team.
I remember a Republican Party that aggressively pursued its agenda and was not afraid to state its case to the people and stand up for family values. The Republican Party I grew up in helped protect our country, protect our rights, and protect our checkbooks! This party was vastly popular and was at its height when it conveyed its message loud and clear and followed through on campaign promises after elected.
The liberal left has done a good job at scaring the national GOP into a more moderate, politically correct path that only differentiates itself from the Democratic Party on a select few topics. While I don’t propose to climb all the way out on that religious right wing plank and embrace the radical right wing agenda entirely, I do propose a return to the roots of what made a generation of us ‘Reagan Republicans.”
The left will play that numbers game and label all Republicans as religious right wing extremists and that fits their goal of turning enough of the people from the center towards the left. It is important that we get our message out loud and clear to everyone that will listen. The Republican Party is the ‘Grand Old Party,’ lower the tax burden on the people of this country through fiscal responsibility by those we elect, protect our country from those that would do us harm, by force if necessary, and protect the rights set forth by the founders of our country and the Constitution of these United states of America.
God Bless.

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