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Saturday, June 21, 2008

TKO (Taxpayer Knock Out) Delivered by DFL Tax Team

The KALIN/OLSEEN "tax team" along with their DFL cohorts in the Senate and House succeeded in delivering a "knock out" blow to the people of Minnesota, to Senate District 17, to House District 17b and to the hardworking, tax-paying citizens of Chisago County with the passage of the so-called "TRANSPORTATION BILL" which is JUST ONE EXAMPLE of an endless stream of other tax consuming legislation passed in the legislative session recently ended.

There is a solution to this problem - the remedy is found at the ballot box. Don't let them pick your pocket another time. As the saying goes: "THROW THE RASCALS OUT!" We simply can't afford them. Their smiley faces and syrupy words don't pay your bills.

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