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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Political Pundit Tinklenberg Speaks!

Elwyn Tinklenberg, who is running against Rep. Michele Bachmann, declares:

The evidence is in and speaks overwhelmingly — global climate change is real.

I guess that settles it. While global warming may not be real, global climate change is. When the Pundit speaks, we should listen. Even though he says, "The evidence is in," he does not give us the evidence. We just need to trust him. Daddy knows best. We can rely on him.

Perhaps he thinks we are incapable of examining the evidence. No, more importantly, he writes as if we don’t need to evaluate the evidence. He writes as if he has examined the evidence and drawn the infallible conclusion that he wants us to accept. Trust the Pundit. Then you don’t have to trust the evidence. Just blindly follow the cult leader on this one because he will provide the answers that solve the problem of climate change.

Give your mind over to the cult leader. Drink his Kool-Aid. Don’t think. Do what he says. It will be good for you.

No reputable authority on any subject would ask you to check your mind at the door, ignore the evidence and just accept an assertion on his authority. Reputable authorities gain their authority from a judicious study of the evidence. Reputable authorities know that examined evidence is what allows them to draw conclusions and then speak with authority on a subject. Reputable authorities then share that evidence with us for us to examine to draw our own conclusions.

Such an approach respects the dignity of the individual to make a free and educated choice.

Tinklenberg treats his readers as mindless sheep and regards himself as a cultic guru. What an insult to the personhood of each of his readers!

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