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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kalin Takes Candy from the Kids

Writing in the local papers, Kalin (D-17B) said, "Rather than throw candy or litter the streets with campaign material at this summer’s parades, we’ll be collecting food for the Food Shelf – starting with the North Branch Midsummer Days Parade on Sunday, June 22."

I thought Dems always do it for the children. What more does a kid enjoy in a parade than collecting and eating candy? Adults gain pleasure from watching the kids get excited about all the candy they can gather. We adults even reflect on how much fun we had as kids at parades, running to swoop up the sweets.

Candy and parades go together like ice cream and a cone. What’s a parade without candy? What’s the cone without ice cream? It’s Americana. It’s motherhood, baseball and apple pie. But this Dem doesn’t want the kids to enjoy life American style. What a killjoy!

Since he votes NO on candy, vote NO on Kalin.

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