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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

There is an Epidemic in our Country

There is a disease growing in our great country and it is breaching the epidemic proportion. The core family structure is under attack and the result of this attack is rearing its ugly head nation wide. Teenage children are murdering women, children, and each other daily. The absence of a family structure during the growth of these children is widespread and the cultural influence present is not a positive one. When the music they are listening to glorifies crime, drugs, gangs and the unilateral disrespect of women, there can be no doubt as to why we have a plague of young gangsters running our streets day and night.

Our education system is having to deal with these little thugs, our teachers are being asked to tame these kids if even for a 50 minute period at a time and the cost of education is skyrocketing due to this epidemic. Video games that glorify felonious crimes, music and videos that do the same, and the obvious absence of a male presence is creating a generation of criminals that our current justice system is not equipped to deal with. If a child of 15 steals, rapes, and maybe even murders, can this child be rehabilitated? I’m afraid that the answer is one that most do not want to hear. Children learn and model at a very young age and if a child is immersed in an environment that is laden with drugs, alcohol, violence and crime, this will become the norm. Certain cultures have decided to embrace this type of behavior as their own and actually become proud of this cultural identity.

Much to the liberal lefts surprise the government cannot step in and remedy this problem. The communities that are being hit the hardest by this issue need to step up, educate their own and rid themselves of these issues. This problem cannot be legislated out of existence by rules, laws and more regulations. The community leaders nationwide need to educate their youth, rid their culture of the glorification of gangs and violence, and teach these young men to stand up and be role models for the children that they are bringing into this world. The entitlement mentality needs to be replaced with the opportunity mentality, with the right influence any child can achieve any thing in this country but it has to begin at home. The vaccine for this particular plague exists and it is in the form of a strong family presence in the home.

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