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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Conservative Dissatisfaction

We are hearing conservatives express displeasure ranging from disappointment to disgust with many Republicans in office, from would be President, Senator John McCain, to Senator Norm Coleman, to state Representatives and Senators. Some are considering not even bothering to vote because they cannot vote in good conscience for them because they are not conservative enough.

I would urge and even beg my fellow disappointed conservatives to go to the polls this fall and vote. Even encourage others who are hesitant to vote for the following reasons.

Vote because voting is perhaps the chief way of influencing government. Voting is your right; exercise it so you don’t lose it. Voting is your privilege; a large percentage of the world’s peoples does not have that honor afforded to them. Voting is your responsibility; your choice of leaders is just as much an obligation as is self-government.

If you have problems voting for the top of the ticket, go and vote anyway for school board members, township supervisors, city council members, county commissioners, sheriffs, treasurers and auditors. We need conservative people in these positions to give us the best government possible at our local levels. Then too, these are the positions from which most candidates come who move on to the higher levels of government. Conservatives in higher office come from lower offices.

The Reagan Revolution started in 1964 with the move to put conservatives in office at the grassroots level. If you have trouble with candidates at the higher level now, vote to start a new Conservative Revolution that will benefit your children and grandchildren. Don’t throw in the towel because of frustration. Get in there to start afresh. Think long-term. Voting for conservatives on the local level is like drilling for oil. If Congress had permitted drilling for oil twenty years ago, we would have the supply we need today and cheaper gasoline. If conservatives stay out of the voting booths today, twenty years from now will be the liberal, even Marxist, consequences of your failure today. Don’t let that happen. We need clear-headed, calculated thinking, not erratic, emotional, gut reactions.

While you are in the voting booth, voting for your local conservatives, vote for Don Taylor for the House seat in 17B. He is a true conservative. The difference between conservative Don Taylor and liberal Jeremy Kalin is night and day. This vote is a no-brainer! We need to stop Kalin from becoming a career politician. He doesn’t have a job; his "job" is being Representative. He has never earned as much money as he is collecting now as a politician. He is happy as a clam, helping you, at your expense, by taxing you more.

Senator Coleman disappoints many, but don’t throw in the towel. Coleman is coming around, for example, on supporting drilling off-shore. That is significant. Thank you Senator Coleman. If you can’t vote wholeheartedly for Coleman, vote against Franken. That should be motivation enough to get all hesitators to the polls. It should be very easy to vote against Franken.

Senator McCain gives many fits, but Senator Obama will give you severe convulsions. And your children may never have the republic you were given by your parents. Don’t fail the next generation of Americans; they are counting on you as you counted on your parents.

You may think your vote doesn’t count. That’s wrong! Your vote always counts. If you stay home and don’t vote or if you vote for your local choices, but not Coleman and McCain, you have voted for Franken and Obama. That’s right, you as a conservative have voted for two lousy liberals by not voting. You see, your conservative vote at least cancels out a liberal vote. If enough conservatives don’t vote, that gives the equal number of votes to the liberals and that’s all it takes to put them in office by default, by conservatives giving up.

Disappointed and hesitating conservatives, please think. Set your emotions aside and think!! See you at the polls.

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