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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Who is Jeremy Kalin?

Someone who made a comment on this blog asked this question. To learn about him, you can keep track of him and his thinking by using at least the following means.
  • His own web site.
  • His blog which has a link on his web site.
  • Also watch his government space as a state representative.
  • His postings on the liberal DailyKos number in the hundreds. (This is worth mining. I doubt anyone has had the time to find all his liberal nuggets in these posts.)
  • Even if you don’t subscribe to the local papers, you can learn some information about Kalin by clicking on the links to them that are on this blog.
  • It is also enlightening to google his name.
  • Please read an earlier post that I made on this blog for more information.
The person who asked if Kalin owns land or ever paid taxes in Chisago County should check the public records at the courthouse and report back. All property tax records for the current year can be located on the Chisago County web site here. Just type in his address.

The primary purpose of this blog is education in political matters. The invention of the Internet (yah the Goracle did it!) and blogging is as important in our time as Johannes Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press more than five hundreds years ago. Let’s use it!

Knowledge and the dissemination of knowledge will overcome ignorance, which too often has carried the day in politics.

So who is Jeremy Kalin? He is someone who should be former Representative Kalin.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much. I will look into these questions. I have another. Is there a candidate running against Kalin? I think we need a woman. A strong woman. It really hurts me that Kalin talks about "People Not Politics" and he ended up voting for EVERY spending bill there was. We can not afford to have him repreesent us for one more term. This blog is the only place I have found that tells the truth about this man. Can I help?

Anonymous said...

I just thought of something. If JK doesn't own land and didn't have a job (until we hired him,) has he ever paid any kind of taxes?

chisagomama said...

Thank you very much for this addition to your blog. We need to know who represents us. We need to know IF he represents us and what to do if he doesn't. Keep up the good work. To Anonymous: You raised good questions and even better ideas. We're listening.

Dan said...

Ya! Never owned land. Hmmmmmmm who paid for the property taxes in the places he has rented? Oh yeah, he did. And a lot more than you pay when you have homestead. Oh well, good try.

Anonymous said...

Dan is it OK to come along and become a represntitive of the people to only vote on important issues which has no bearing on him and mess everything up?
I say no, I belive that if you want to be part of the decisions you need to be an "active" member of the community, not just go from one town to the next making changes, I'm willing to bet if he loses his re-election he will move elsewhere and start all over. I am glad the day he visited my house I slammed the door in his face, at the time I sort of felt bad, but once I found out he was a Democrat, and a bad one too, I haven't felt bad since.
We need Conservitive Men and Women in office!

freedomwriter said...

Good questions. But what are the answers?

Anonymous said...

We as Republicans need to run a candidate on issues other than my opponent rents, thats pretty lame and a losing plan. We also need to return to being fiscally conservative, the borrow and spend philosophy is as bad as the tax and spend one. We can take no pride in our actions over the last 8 years, borrowing money and raising fees is no better that what our opponents do.

Anonymous said...

You guys are so silly. What a bunch of suspicious people Chisago county has!
You will never meet another person so concerned about the residents of Chisago County and you will never meet someone with the honest integrity as this young man has.
Maybe you forgot that Jeremy was instrumental in passing legislation to make sure our bridges don't fall and our soldier's votes count! 81% of our soldier's votes didn't during the last election!
I know it is auto-erotic for you to sit around and try to make up hypothetical scenarios that would justify your disdain for anyone who is not a Republican. But give me a break.
...and Senator Rick Olseen???? What are you talking about on this site?!?!? This guy has flawless integrity and a proven track record in this county! And what a wholesome nice guy!
I don't vote party lines, but this hate-filled witch hunt of a website is not informing people of the actual issues, it is reinforcing a small minority's opinion that anyone who is not a Republican is damaging our nation's moral fiber.
Your speculation and slander is unfounded, untrue, and disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Looking up Kalins address, he does not pay property taxes on his address. fyi You do not pay property taxes when you rent, your land lord pays the taxes as the listed property owner

Anonymous said...

The next time you try and buy tickets go ahead and thank Kalin for passing that bill so now we can never take our kids on any kind of concert. No Identification for voting. In this state. After what happened in our last election? ARE YOU FOR REAL? Then again, maybe Kalin has his reasons for not wanting real and registered voters.

Anonymous said...

Oh and by the way, no one votes against schools, kids, safety for bridges. To give this guy credit for anything like that is pure lazy investigation. Where is he from? No one seems to know who he realy is?