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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kalin Abuses the Hungry

Writing in the local papers, Kalin (D-17B) bemoaned, "Some of our neighbors in Chisago County are facing even tougher choices – which family member will go without dinner tonight, so that the others can eat."

OK Kalin. Tell us. Name one person you know who goes without a meal so the rest of the family gets to eat. Once, maybe. Consistently, no. This statement is so much political bunk meant to show your supposed political compassion with our money, not yours.

If it is actually happening, it is because they are not going to the food shelf or utilizing other programs. American businesses are extremely generous in making donations to a multitude of causes. Americans are very charitable to the Food Shelves, among other programs, and ultimately to the hungry. In fact, conservatives are consistently rated more generous than liberals. Maybe your liberal friends need your admonition, but we conservatives don’t.

It’s fine if Dems want to collect canned goods at their business meetings. It’s great if Dems bring food supplies for the Food Shelf to their annual picnics. Have at it. Do it quietly without fanfare. But collecting food as a feature of your political presence in parades is a ploy for votes. It stinks to use the hungry and poor to garner votes. Using the poor and hungry is self-serving. It places politics before people.

It’s clear as a nose on a face. Vote NO on Kalin this fall.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

LISTEN UP! Not only did KALIN come up with a factually dishonest statement about alleged daily hunger in this county, KALIN compounds his dishonesty by stealing the "hunger message" from a public billboard located just south of North Branch on County 30.

The billboard message has been there for weeks and KALIN snitches its message for his own perceived political benefit. What a sad case he is! Embarrassing that this is who/what we elected!