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Friday, May 02, 2008

Olseen—Franken’s Justifier

Al Franken, the Democrat immigrant who wants to be Minnesota’s Senator, has avoided paying workers comp premiums in New York and taxes in 17 states.

T. W. Budig’s article at the HometownSource reports the reactions of many DFL lawmakers to Franken’s fix. Here in Chisago County we are especially interested in Senator Rick Olseen’s comments about Franken’s failure to pay his tax debt. In January, the local DFL hosted the delinquent Franken at Senator Olseen’s house.

Budig writes:

Sen. Rick Olseen, DFL-Harris, reports not hearing many murmurs in his district over Franken’s taxes. "I think people aren’t geared up yet for an election — maybe that’s a plus for him (Franken)," said Olseen. "It’s not really on the radar screens yet," he said.

What a brilliant declaration! Olseen is presumptive, assuming his constituents aren’t in tune to the upcoming election. Where has he been for the last year plus? How could any average working stiff not be aware that something is going down in November? What do you suppose triggered Minnesota’s record attendance at caucus? Free food?

And does he think Franken’s tax delinquency is not on our minds if he does not hear about it? What self-centeredness! If these dumb answers are indicative, we can’t get rid of Olseen soon enough.

Olseen ". . . found it "disappointing" to learn about a $25,000 unpaid workers comp fine Franken faced in New York. . ." Disappointing! Just disappointing? How about wrong? This is a moral issue that speaks about the lack of integrity of a man who wants to represent us. Such a man must be exemplary and above reproach. This is an employer who stiffed his own employees by not paying what he owed on their behalf. I thought the Dems are for the little guy!

For Olseen, it’s just disappointing and a mistake, neither of which bother him for a minute because any Democrat will do in office.

"I just see it as a mistake, and he’s admitted he’s made a mistake," he said of Franken. "I don’t hold that against him," said Olseen.

Olseen excused Franken because, "This stuff is pretty high level, complicated tax stuff." Who cares if it’s complicated. Most of us would expect him to utilize an accountant precisely because it is "complicated tax stuff." Franken’s problem is he selected an incompetent or manipulated accountant and that speaks to his own judgment about his inability to fill an elected position.

At least now we know how Olseen will justify the next Republican who disappoints us by making a mistake because the issue is too complicated! We won't forget.


Anonymous said...

I know Richard Olseen. He's a down-to-earth decent guy. You won't unseat him though by doing nothing yourself. You gotta get a strong candidate (not the same guy as last time) who will double the time Senator Olseen puts into public appearances, and double the signs you put out... Otherwise the GOP is toast in this district.

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