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Sunday, June 15, 2008


If you have followed the news releases and other public comments by our esteemed State Senator OLSEEN and State Representative KALIN you must have noticed how frequently they take cover for their wrong votes on a number of bad Bills by stressing that there was "bi-partisan" support.

Every time they turn around and make a comment on bad legislation which they supported OLSEEN and KALIN invoke the jingo that a bill had "bi-partisan support."

One such instance, out of many, was the infamous Transportation Bill that OLSEEN and KALIN both voted for and supported in the legislative session and praised back home in the District and under which taxpayers will suffer for years to come - far out into the future!

Just look behind the vaunted "bi-partisan" smokescreen behind which OLSEEN and KALIN both seek to hide and take cover. On the 'Transportation Bill" for example - keep in mind there are 134 House Members (Representatives) and out of those 134 Members only six Republicans voted for the bill - 6 out of 134 - boy that surely makes the outcome "bipartisan" does it not?

And remember how popular the "Transportation Bill" was to the folks back home in their Districts by recalling what happened to those silly six Republicans who voted for the Bill in order to be Bi-partisan!!

SENATOR OLSEEN and REPRESENTATIVE KALIN please come up with better excuses or more honest explanations for your votes - we see through your smokescreen! Your "new math" doesn't cut it - you have flunked the course!

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Anonymous said...

Right on! Freedomwriter, right on!