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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Get the word out!

I have reviewed some of the recent posts on Representative Kalins state web site and I have to say that this young fellow is quite the artist. Although his skills are very rudimentary at best, his weaving of the facts are very interesting. Mr. Kalin states “One of my highest priorities this session was a broad economic stimulus package to help stimulate job growth and revitalize Minnesota’s economy.” Voting to add yet another gas tax burden to his many constituents who commute was a great addition that will certainly help stimulate growth in personal budget defecits! Mr. Kalin also touted the 08 bonding bill which heavily invests in the state colleges and universities including the University of Minnesota. I have had two daughters graduate from the University of Minnesota in the past two years and a third will be graduating next year, take it from me, the massive increases in tuition each and every year to attend the University of Minnesota has certainly had an impact on my personal economic situation and I can assure you that it has not been a positive one.
Mr. Kalin also mentioned the ‘skyrocketing’ property taxes in the state over the past five years, what Mr. Kalin would understand if he were actually a property owner in this district, is that property values have increased over the past five years and property taxes are based on value.
The simple facts are these, what experience does Mr. Kalin have running a small business, providing health insurance for employees, feeling the pain of yet another gas tax increase as he commutes to his job, or feeling the economic pain of yet another increase in tuition costs to the University of Minnesota? Well, the answer is, he has no experience in any of these matters. Mr. Kalin would blog and release press statements touting all of the good he has accomplished and if even the slightest scrutiny was paid to his actual voting record and the facts as they actually are, you would see that Mr. Kalin is an inexperienced young man who has no business representing us in this district. He quickly figured out that in this world of politics you can throw out some key phrases and words that catch the attention of those not really interested in doing their homework and they will vote for you. Well, we as conservatives are doing our homework and we will get out the word and this election year we will send Mr. Kalin packing. He can walk three pairs of shoes right off his feet and it won’t matter. We are going to send Don Taylor to the capital to represent everyone of this district, everyone who is in small business, everyone who shops at small businesses, everyone who pays property taxes, everyone who has children in school and college or will have someday, everyone who winces every time they fill up their cars with gas, Don Taylor will represent us well and I encourage everyone to get this word out.

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