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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


The local (and State!) DFL have absolutely nothing to brag about pertaining to the most recent Session of the legislature - in fact DFL office holders (including certainly Kalin/Olseen for example) have been keeping a fairly low public political profile because they are keenly aware that the public knows all too well that the public got "burned" by the legislative extremism and legislative excesses in the recently concluded Session - excessive taxes, excessive regulation, excessive spending - and on and on - so the plan appears to be to keep a relatively low profile, for the time being, so that the public will have a "time of forgetting" what really went on in the legislative Session - and then they will overwhelm the public with massive publicity and advertising and signs paid for by outside forces of every stripe. They will lie, distort, cheat, criticize and out-advertise and out-spend Republican candidates. That is the future Republicans face and the sooner Republicans - candidates and supporters - face up to that reality the better will be our chances of victory. You can't win the battle without an accurate assessment of the resources and tactics of the opposition. And the DFL tactics will be ruthless and their resources massive provided by outside forces.

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