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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Daily Kos: SUSA 50-state governor rankings: "Yo Mookie! (none / 0)
What's up with leaving Minnesota off the Key 2006 States list?
We've got a do-nothing homeboy thinkin' he could run for VP in 2008, who's gonna get kicked out of the Gov's mansion (Tim Pawlenty, R).
We've got a hero of a U.S. Senator who is stepping down, with the Cheney-Rove machine putting up table-cloth-man (Mark Kennedy, R) to try to Swift-Boat any number of courageous leaders with integrity (Klobuchar, Wetterling, Doran and Ford, all D's).
We've got a fantastic shot at winning back the majority in the Minnesota House, including the race of yours truly, for the first time in 8 years.
And we've got the MN Senate to hold, with the narrowest majority in years, holding off the bigotry, hatred and misogyny of the MN GOP.
I mean.... Come ON, Mookie! That's the triple truth, Ruth.
Jeremy Kalin for MN House (17B) Bringing People Together
by JK Minnesota on Tue Sep 20, 2005 at 04:49:00 PM PD"