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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

So Much for Equality

The College Republicans at Susquehanna University in Pennsylvania wanted to invite a black speaker to campus to talk about affirmative action. They even asked Susquehanna’s Office of Multicultural Affairs to co-sponsor the event, which it would not do unless the Office could provide their own speaker. The students were not permitted to advertize the event on the university’s web page as long as the school’s selected speaker was not a participant.

The speaker, Joseph C. Phillips, posted his comments here. Read his whole piece, but this paragraph should get your attention.

It is truly a sign of how mixed up the world is when a Black man telling Black students that there is no monopoly on brain power is decried as a sellout while White folk that believe Black students are only in attendance on campus because of lowered standards and that without lowered standards they would not be in school at all are seen as comrades in arms. Let’s just call that madness.

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