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Friday, October 31, 2008

Kalin Doesn’t Fulfill His Promise

In a political insert for newspapers for the last week of October, Rep. Jeremy Kalin (D-17B) bragged, "I helped create 40,000 new jobs." So where are the jobs?

First Kalin asserted on Feb. 22, "Passage of this [transportation] bill will also result in over 30,000 new jobs every year for the next five years – nearly all from private contractors."

A few days later it increased when on Feb. 25 he wrote (also here), "I am supporting this bill because more than 31,000 new jobs a year will be created by private contractors, repairing and building our roads and bridges."

On the same day, Senator Olseen increased this figure: "This transportation funding package will not only improve the safety of the state’s roads and bridges, but will create an estimated 33,000 jobs per year." After Feb. 28, Kalin’s campaign manager, Wade Vitalis, wrote, "But it is also a fact that 33,000 jobs/year will be created by the transportation bill recently passed by the legislature."

On May 27, Kalin reported, "The Roads and Bridges Bill will invest in our long-term infrastructure and grow at least 33,000 jobs a year for the next five years - nearly all through private-sector construction firms."

In the same press release, Kalin wrote, "We balanced the budget, provided property tax relief, adopted meaningful health care reform, delivered new funding for schools and area nursing homes, helped create more than 40,000 new jobs, and enacted the historic 2008 Roads and Bridges bill" without explaining how he arrived at the 40,000 figures versus the 33,000 figure.

And now he brags, "I helped create 40,000 new jobs."

All this bragging occurred while reporter Tom Hauser took the claim to task on Feb. 19. The link is available here, but the video story apparently is no longer available. We had noted it here.

So where are the jobs that Rep. Kalin created? The unemployment rate is up a half percent since his first announcement in February. During that time span, 19,000 more people are out of work. The Dem’s and Kalin’s claim was unfounded and reckless. By virtue of his promise, the unemployment rate should have dropped.


Anonymous said...

If you'd look at his other literature, you'd see that he cites the Transportation and Bonding bills - 33,000 and 7,000 construction and related jobs.

I did notice that without those new jobs, we'd be in far worse shape than we are now.

Kalin's claim certainly stands up. I just saw a ridiculous mailer from Taylor today that took credit for at least TWO things that Kalin actually did.

Shameless, that Taylor campaign, shameless.

Anonymous said...

So, the Chisago GOP doesn't recognize that there are literally hundreds of Chisago residents that are workign today because of the Transportation and Bonding bills?

You are clueless. Hundreds of Joe the plumbers, Joe the roadbuilders, Joe the carpetners and Joe the electricians are working today because of Kalin's work.

We have thousands of skilled tradespeople whose families have food on the table because of these jobs.

I believe that Taylor opposed BOTH of these jobs bills. NOT the kind of leadership we need.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone think as I do, that anonymous #1 is Jeremy? Poor fella.

freedomwriter said...


Over and over we have told you that Representative Jeremy Kalin is nothing but a liar - from the number of doors he has knocked on, from the pairs of shoes he has worn out while campaigning, from the places of residence he has claimed; from the qualifications he alleges to have, from the legislation he has authored or supported and the jobs he has "created" and on and on one could go. These are the reasons he needs to be unelected in just a few days. Do your duty or suffer the consequences - don't say we didn't tell you!

Anonymous said...

Nice try, guys.

Guess again.

I am not who you think I am. In fact, I am not even a Democrat. I have voted for Republicans, and for Democrats. I was going to consider a Republican this year, but not after the way you guys have behaved this year. And I think Chisago County voters will likely agree with me. That's certainly what I hear in the community - at church, in the paper, at the grocery store...

Keep digging your own electoral graves.

Elephant Herd said...

Lousy Try Anonymous,

You have been sucked in by Kalin’s claim (well Kalin might have been sucked in by Kalin) to have created 40,000 jobs. It’s a wild claim, totally unsupported by any evidence. Where are the 40,000 jobs? You talk about hundreds and even thousands of jobs. Well show us the 40,000 jobs!

Tell us the evidence that leads you to conclude we would be worse off without those jobs being created. It’s easy to make a claim; now take the time to prove that “Kalin's claim certainly stands up.”

And please enlighten us by identifying the mailer in which Taylor takes credit for doing what Kalin has done. Don’t keep us waiting! We’d love to see it! Don’t keep the secret to yourself! I doubt you can put the money on the barrel head or you would already have done so.

Why is it that Democrats or wannabe Dems who comment on this blog never bother to get beyond making a claim to providing proof to substantiate that claim?

Anonymous said...

OK, I was pretty sure Anonymous #1 was Jeremy. Now, I am positive. What is the old saying, "The man doth protest too much?"

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