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Monday, October 27, 2008

KALIN - The Walking, Talking Fraud

It has already been established that Kalin is a walking, talking fraud who is not worthy of the office of State Representative and he should be summarily voted out of office and replaced by Don Taylor who will bring decency, dignity, even-temperedness and honesty to legislative leadership from this District.

Kalin has loaded up his credentials with things he claims to have done or accomplished or educational achievements that are questionable. He has never adequately explained his supposed years of "teaching" experience and his teaching credentials; you would think he was a full-fledged architect/engineer or something by the credential inflation he has entered into his "experience" claims. He claims teaching experience but does he have licensure to teach as a public school teacher? It is claimed that he is a law school student at William Mitchell College of Law but we have seen no proof of that; he claims to have worn out (varying numbers) of shoes from knocking on doors while campaigning; he claims to have "knocked" on variable thousands of numbers of doors while campaigning - how did he record those numbers? Maybe he had on his belt an old-fashioned Jack Armstrong Hike-O-Meter from a cereal box! Do you realize how long it would take to knock on "thousands" of doors? He claims now to be "on leave" from his supposed "employment" with the Dome Homes or Space Domes or whatever is the correct corporate name of the company in North Branch which is owned by the husband of the late DFL Senator Janet Johnson who unfortunately died in office at an early age while serving as Senator from this District. Has anyone ever seen a pay-check that Kalin received for employment there? Was that a legitimate job for Kalin or was it just a "front" to give him employment status? It would be interesting to see what he has reported on his state and federal income taxes. Kalin in a recent statement in the Cambridge Star claimed that he paid all his taxes and so forth - indicating or implying that he paid real estate taxes (on a property that he doesn't even own!) and apparently only rents or leases or something in the Kost area to make it look like he is a resident of Chisago county - his "residency" apears to be only a residency of convenience.

And now with this latest revelation of essentially a "theft-of-credential" claiming, by mis-application, an earlier commendation from the Governor of Minnesota, to a more recent legislative initiative, which Elephant Herd has exposed, is the "last straw!"


Anonymous said...

I am shocked - SHOCKED I TELL YOU! - that you don't like Rep. Kalin and won't be voting for him. I just can't believe it!!

I am speechless.

Anonymous said...

Freedomwriter - did you ever email Kalin or call the House to confirm Kalin's per diem?

Have you ever stopped at Kalin's house or called him there?

Don't make a fool of yourself, man, by just blindly throwing darts. Do some homework. Ask the man directly.

Otherwise, frankly, you're doing a disservice to us Republicans. I wouldn't be surprised if you are losing votes for Taylor and the Republicans when people read this site.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1

Kalins address is not in the book so good luck stopping by. Interestingly, his name is the only one listed in the phone directory after 14 months of marriage. His wifes name is the only one listed for their home in Minneapolis. The Minneapolis house is not on the market as far as I can tell.

The question then becomes, have these two just been living seperately for the past 14 months of marriage, sacrificing for the sake of Kalins political career? or have they been renting in Chisago County for periodic visits but living in Minneapolis for all intents and purposes since that is where his wife works and it makes for a shorter commute for him too when the legislature is in session.

It's all well and good that it's more convenient for them to avoid that commute but don't tell us about your "deep connectedness" to us when you don't even live here.

Many of us make that commute every work day without the benefit of a "second home" in the cities.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, you're attacking their marriage?

Have you no shame?

Anonymous said...

You forgot one fraud that he repeats ad nauseum "I am a fiscal conservative". That one always makes me bust my gut in laughter.

To be fair to Kalin though, I know he attends William Mitchell because he bothers my friend in class.

Go Taylor!

Anonymous said...

Attacking his marriage? I am saying it seems unlikely that the two would be living in seperate domiciles for the first 14 months of their married life together. If they have been just for the sake of Kalins ability to be able to say he lives in Chisago county that would be pretty sad.

It seems more likely that they haven't been living seperately but have in fact for the most part been living at the house in Minneapolis while they also rent the farm house out by Kost dam.

How one reads that as attacking their marriage is beyond me.

I am all for their marriage, but the arrangement causes me to wonder a bit about the deep connectedness to our community that he proclaims.

Anonymous said...

How important can you be if you are "on leave" from your job for two years?