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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kalin Fraudulently Misquotes the Governor

Below is a picture of a recent campaign flyer from Rep. Jeremy Kalin (D-17B) in which he brags about his accomplishments for Chisago City.

Kalin brags about things he was working on in 2008. He then pats himself on the back with:

"Representative Kalin, thank you for your leadership..."
—Governor Tim Pawlenty
June 14, 2007

Notice something wrong with this picture?

Now how can the Governor make a statement about a legislator in 2007 for some action he does in 2008? Kalin has misquoted Gov. Pawlenty’s words to fit his own time scheme. Pawlenty’s words clearly do not apply to Kalin’s work in 2008, yet Kalin takes those words and misapplies them to 2008. Kalin is downright dishonest.

Further, Kalin makes the Governor praise him on different topics. The Governor’s words are also quoted by Kalin in an October, 2008, newspaper campaign insert.

So Pawlenty made a statement about Kalin on a specific topic in 2007. Kalin then shortens the quote and takes it to apply to completely different topics in a later year. This is a fraudulent and deceptive misappropriation and misapplication of a statement by the highest official in Minnesota government that falsifies the original intent of the Governor’s words.

It is worthy to let another praise oneself rather than touting oneself, but to make someone else fraudulently praise oneself is despicable. Anyone who does this is not worthy of representing us in the legislature. This is self-serving abuse of a respected public figure for his own political advancement. This is patently putting politics before people.

It's time to elect Taylor.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Did Pawlenty actually say that? You should look and see what the occasion was on June 14 2007. It's obviously got something to do with energy.

If Pawlenty did indeed say it, well, I guess Kalin's credentials are bonafide. If Pawlenty didn't, then you probaby have a case and should sue the bastard for it.