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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Risk

In a neat five-panel foldover political leaflet the ACU has posed seven questions prefaced by "Is this a risk you are willing to take?" For any sane (o.k."sane") person the answer is obvious and could be answered with the positive affirmation that "this is a risk I am not willing to take!

Selectively lifted from that leaflet (and with appreciation/apology to ACU) here are some of the comments/questions that are relevant for you to consider if you are thinking of voting for Barack Hussein Obama.

1) (Barack Hussein Obama) "has been endorsed by the extreme left-wing Planned Parenthood Action Committe."

2) B.O. "voted to ban almost all rifle ammunition used for hunting and sport shooting."

3) B.O. is quoted as declaring "The last thing we need is a tax cut for Americans who don't need them."

4) B.O. "was caught showing disrespect (to the flag) during the "Pledge of Allegiance."

5) B.O. "favors giving driver's licenses to illegal aliens."

6) B.O. "foreign policy proposals for America are two-fold: appease and retreat.

Remember - you are going to live under the conditions that develop if Barack Hussein Obama becomes the next President of the United States. The people of Cuba didn't have a clue that Castro was going to be a dictator. You have heard enough about Barack Hussein Obama to make you smart enough to make the right choice. If you choose wrong, the monkey is on your back! You have been warned and forewarned.

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