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Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Representative Jeremy Kalin (District 17b) received a zero rating from the Legislative Evaluation Assembly of Minnesota, Inc. as revealed in the organization's 2008 Report on the Minnesota Legislature.* With this zero rating Representative Jeremy Kalin joins the likes of the legendary liberal extremist State Representative Phyllis Kahn who also received a zero rating.

"The Legislative Evaluation Assembly of Minnesota (LEA) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization established to keep the citizens of Minnesota informed of both important legislation and the voting performance of each Senator and Representative in the Minnesota State Legislature.

L.E.A. bases its evaluation on the traditional American principles of constitutionalism, limited government, free enterprise, legal and moral order with justice and individual liberty and dignity.

The report evaluates each of Minnesota's 67 State Senators and 134 State Representatives on a non-partisan basis.

*(report available for purchase - contact L. E. A. , P.O. Box 818, Forest Lake,MN 55025)


Anonymous said...

Since Don Taylor is only half way through his mayor position who will be paying for the special election (if he wins). Will Mr. Taylor screw the tax payer of Chisago City? If Mr. Taylor does something like this I would assume we can call him a career politician? Skipping from one job to another before the job is done. I would think Republicans would be outraged!! What is the true cost of a special election? I think Don should find out and tell the public.

Anonymous said...

The cost of a special election in Chisago City would be just about $2,000.00 Wheeew!