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Sunday, October 26, 2008


In a half-page full-color advertisement (p. 14B STAR Weekend, Saturday, October 25, 2008) the slate of DFL candidates to be voted on for election or re-election by voters of this area was pictured and posted.

Under the heading VOTE FOR A CHANGE the DFL advertisement said (and what follows are THEIR words!): Here, in their own words, is what they, the DFL, are calling for:



  • A Strong America

  • Support for Our School (sic)

  • A (sic) Economic Market With Proper Oversight

  • Energy Independence

  • Green and Renewal Energy

  • Health Care As A Right

  • Labor And Farmers

  • Living Wage Jobs

  • Equality For All"

The "change" the DFL are advocating with this advertisment is for just the opposite direction we should go - by what the DFL are counseling in this advertisement they are advocating: a weakened America; a further dumbing-down of education efforts; more socializing of the American free enterprise system; the DFL are the ones who have stood in the way of energy independence; for socialization of medicine which has failed wherever in the world it has been tried - Sweden, Britain, Canada are but three examples; and on and on one could go through the whole list.

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Anonymous said...

Freedomwriter should have singled out as specially offensive the concept of "A Economic Market With Proper Oversight" - not just because the composer of the advertisment's wording ("A Economic Market [sic] . . ")was evidently a product of bad schooling which he received at "our school" which he purports to support but mainly because the DFL'ers do not say a word about how they would define "proper oversight."

Carried to its extreme "proper oversight" can easily be construed to mean total control.

The former Soviet Union practiced "government oversight" and the DFL surely wouldn't want to adopt that system of oversight. Or would they?