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Monday, October 13, 2008


LOST, MISPLACED OR RETIRED! One tiny little red toy coaster wagon. Owner: 17b State Representative Jeremy Kalin. Wagon was last seen being tugged along in public parades by State Representative Kalin to gather up food for "the poor."

State Representative Jeremy Kalin has great need for this valuable wagon because he alleges children in his legislative district still have to take turns on who will eat supper tonight unless he comes to their rescue.

In the meantime, until the little red wagon is found and returned to Representative Kalin, any citizen who is aware of people in need should be sure to refer the needy to the county health and human services department, any of the many churches and religious organizations in the county, numerous other civic and charitable organizations in the area all of which will be glad to feed the hungry. Hunger and human need is a bigger load than what the little red wagon will carry. Big problems need big solutions.


Anonymous said...

And how much food did Don Taylor or the Chisago GOP collect for the food shelf this summer, during a time of record need?

Oh yes, that's right, you used your time blogging and making wrong-headed and frankly disgusting attacks rather than provide any real help to people facing legitimate difficulty.

And why do you think the nation has soured on the Republican party? Perhaps it's because you've lost your soul...

Anonymous said...

Answer to your question: I will answer only for my family. Each month our church collects for the food shelves, both Minnesota (Lindstrom) and Wisconsin (St. Croix Falls) My family contributes $100 each month. When my mother-in-law passed away, we chose to give her momorial to the local food shelf, $1,800. Another organization I belong to collected food during the month of September, we collected 500lbs. I give each time there is a drive for food and I have worked at the food shelf for the past 10 years. If you think just because we are Republicans we do not give to the poor, you are sadly mistaken.
My soul is intake.

Anonymous said...

Your comments about putting down a person who is taking time to assist a local food shelter show how out of touch Republicans have become. So the two “big” things you are going after Jeremy Kalin are his home address (yes he owns a house) and his collecting of food for a food shelf!! And you wonder why Republicans won’t have a chance in three weeks!!

Anonymous said...

You are correct. Jeremy Kalin owns a house.

But there is a problem with that. He owns a house that is not located in his congressional district.

He does not pay real estate taxes in Chisago County as a homeowner.

And that is a problem.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy does NOT own a house. His wife owns a home. Does that make him a "kept" man?

Anonymous said...

You can't ride in my red wagon,

The wheel's broke and the axel's draggin',

Same song second verse,

A little bit louder and a little bit worse.