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Wednesday, October 01, 2008


A full and complete investigation should be begun immediately into the campaign practice of District 17B State Representative Jeremy Kalin for using state paid (DFL staff interns) to promote and further his political career at public expense.

The immediate basis of calling for an investigation is a letter to the editor appearing in the Wednesday, October 1, 2008, page 4, issue of the (Cambridge) STAR Midweek signed by "Matthew S. Bartholomaus, Captain, Army Reserve."

Preliminary investigation reveals that Matthew S. Bartholomaus is a second year law student at Hamline University School of Law and is working in the Legislative Internship Program at the Capitol with specific and particular responsibility to the DFL caucus. Thus, using State facililties and equipment and on State time and at State expense he is directly assisting the re-election campaign effort of DFL State Representative Jeremy Kalin.


Anonymous said...

Since Don Taylor is only half way through his mayor position who will be paying for the special election (if he wins). Will Mr. Taylor screw the tax payer of Chisago City? If Mr. Taylor does something like this I would assume we can call him a career politician? Skipping from one job to another before the job is done. I would think Republicans would be outraged!! What is the true cost of a special election? I think Don should find out and tell the public.

GOP Mom said...

Hmmm - And what about Obama??

"Hey boy - don't run for President, you're senate term's not up!!!! Anonymous Liberal spamming someone's board said so too!!!"

Of course, having an education would help keep your foot out of your idiotic mouth.

freedomwriter said...

Anonymous your comment has absolutely no relevance to the Original Post which is that Kalin is campaigning at public expense by using State resources. Stop trying to defend the indefensible. What Kalin has done is ethically wrong.

Anonymous said...

I do hope that your posters know that by posting patently false accusations open up the Chisago GOP BPOU to false campaign violations. I also hope that your county coffers are deep enough to pay for the fines you will no doubt have to pay if Kalin or someone else ever calls you on it.

The legislature adjourned in May. There are no interns working at the legislature right now. And I have to believe that the Constitution is still valid and that Matthew has has a right to speak his mind under the 1st amendment.

If you cannot point to any evidence that Mr. Bartholomous or Rep. Kalin is doing as charged, than I strongly suggest you apologize or delete the post. To not do so is probably actually breaking the law.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jeremy. Stop complaining. You really need to grow up!!