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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Kalin: Denies Parental Consent

Rep. Jeremy Kalin (D-17B) voted against an amendment that would have required a school district to obtain informed, written consent from a parent or guardian prior to asking a student questions about his or her:
  • political affiliations or beliefs
  • mental or psychological problems
  • sexual behavior or attitudes
  • illegal, antisocial, self-incriminating, or demeaning behavior
  • religious practices, affiliations, or beliefs

Kalin voted against insisting on parental consent regarding these issues (House Journal, pages 3979-80, 4/18/07). Kalin snubbed the right of parents to give consent before such a serious invasion of privacy occurs.

In contrast, Kalin’s cohort, Senator Rick Olseen (D-17) authored a bill that became law which requires the written consent of a parent for a minor to receive any body-piercing jewelry, other than an earring (Senate Journal, page 764, 03/12/07).

It seems strange indeed that a minor must have parental consent to receive a body piercing, but it must not be required when the mind and soul of a minor are probed about matters that should be private. Probing the mind and soul of a child is far more serious than receiving a tongue ring, for example.

Kalin was at least consistent because he voted against Olseen’s bill (House Journal, page 6720-21, 05/16/07). He just doesn’t believe parents should have the right of consultation and consent in behalf of their children. His vote is very corrosive to families. He stuck his finger in the eye of every Minnesota parent and guardian. Perhaps the fact that Olseen is a father and Kalin is not, lead Olseen to respect parental rights.

We need to replace the nanny statist, Kalin, with Don Taylor, a father who knows children belong to a family and not the state.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I thought being libertarian was a Republican value. I long for the days of the old GOP who actually stood for a small government - and not for having the hard-right dominionists decide what's best for everyone.

Funny how we've seen nothing from the Taylor campaign that you manage about any of his plans, specific ideas, or proposals. What, is he just a strawman so you can take hits at the incumbent who has demonstrated his libertarian leanings?

Taylor's website has not changed in a year almost- and has nothing to say about what he would do - other than vote the party line and uphold the party platform. Sorry, but maybe we should elect people who think for themselves.

Elephant Herd said...

I do not speak for the Taylor campaign nor manage it. However, I support Don Taylor regarding his pro-life position. He would not have voted as Kalin did to prevent the requirement of securing parental consent before prying into the privacy of a student.

I do not comprehend how you can say Kalin has libertarian leanings. He votes for increasing government control over our lives at almost every turn. Please explain in detail (if you can) how Kalin is a libertarian in anything! Kalin is a socialist; look at his voting record.

With his vote on the referenced bill, Kalin maintained the status quo of government run schools being able to invade the privacy of a child without parental consent. The above referenced bill would have laid down a law that the privacy of a child cannot be invaded in the specified areas without parental consent.

Thus government would have protected the family, a proper function of government. In other words, this law would have established a smaller government by placing the decisions in the hand of parents, not bureaucrats!

It seems to me that libertarians would want parental and family rights upheld by law, especially when those inalienable rights are currently being violated by the state.

Anonymous said...

Kalin was endorsed by the NRA. Taylor never even bothered to send in the survey.

How do you like THEM libertarian apples?

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, check out the NRA web site. His survey was lost and now it is found. He gets an "A" same as you.

Anonymous said...

Now were getting into something fun:

Palin family.. parental over site worked real well
Rod Grams family.. parental over site worked real well
Taylor family.. do the research your self (don't open this can)

I get a kick out of Republicans telling all of us that the schools are doing a horrible job of teaching our kids morals. Republicans only need to look at their own families to see how screwed up things are. Yes Democrats have the same issues but we don't sit on our high horse and blame the schools and society.