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Monday, October 27, 2008

Spreading the Wealth

Joe the Farmer's view of spreading the wealth

Listen to a 2001 interview with Obama on redistribution.


A Response, October 31

Anonymous, thank you for your comments. Here are mine.

I don’t need to know if the "farmer" who displayed this sign is a full-time farmer, a hobby farmer, a part-time farmer or a non-farmer who rents out his land. I don’t need to know if the "farmer" is an avowed Republican or Democrat (he actually might be a Democrat who sees through the Socialism of the American system which Obama vows to intensify).

This "farmer" is making a statement which cannot be fully understood without more information from him. Don’t make more of it than is warranted by its brevity. It clearly is a statement in reaction to Obama’s "spreading the wealth" declaration to Joe the Plumber. And this "farmer" doesn’t like that idea.

Anonymous complains that "Farming in this nation is the most protected economy, and it is protected by redistribution of wealth from non-agricultural taxpayers to agricultural land owners." You know what? I, as a conservative, agree with you, Joe the Non-agricultural Taxpayer. Probably most Republicans in Chisago County agree with you. Perhaps this "farmer" agrees with you. Don’t jump on this "farmer" as if he were your enemy.

I will assume you are a Democrat and the "farmer" is a Republican. If you, Joe the Non-agricultural Taxpayer, don’t like redistribution of wealth, then you need to get together with Joe the Farmer and fight Socialism. Joe the Non-agricultural Taxpayer needs to recognize what Joe the Farmer understands, that Obama is a Socialist and not vote for him.

Socialism is not the invention of a Bush administration, nor other recent Republican administrations. Joe the Non-agricultural Taxpayer needs to learn some history. Socializing farming began under the Republican Hoover administration and mushroomed in the New Deal under the Democrat Roosevelt administration. It’s been around ever since. Obama, as a late child of Socialism, wants to socialize America even more so.

You can accuse Republican presidents for this all you want (of course it's Bush's fault; everything is his fault according to Dems), but remember the Democrats have controlled congress for most of them. The Democrats have been propagating Socialism and have had more than their share in redistributing wealth in the farming sector of the economy, plus all the other sectors.

For starters, I urge you to read The Forgotten Man by Amity Shlaes. It is a history of the Great Depression. Read it and you will understand Obama, at least his economic policies. If you vote for Obama, you will be voting for an intensification of redistributing wealth, not just in farming, but in every aspect of American life. A vote for Kalin does exactly the same thing; he will run your life through government worse than it already is.

The Forgotten Man is available at Amazon. Look at the reviews and comments available there. Educate yourself. While far too many Republican elected officials are socialistic, Freedomwriter is correct: Socialism is the Democrat Party platform.


freedomwriter said...

At first I thought Representative Jeremy Kalin's little red coaster wagon that he pulls in parades had undergone a metamorphosis so he could gather even more "food for the poor" but on closer observation I see it is the DFL platform.

Anonymous said...

Grind it up and spit it out. That's what little Representatives are made of.

Anonymous said...

Looks more like McCain's Straight Talk Express to me.

Anonymous said...

I drive by this every day. It is on Furuby Rd. I think I'll look up property owner in the plat records, and see how much wealth he/she got spread his way through CRP and similar federal farm subsidies. Want to get ill? Go to this website http://farm.ewg.org/farm/region.php?fips=27025 and click on the top recipients list to see the wealth spread into your neighbor's pockets, out of yours. Most farmers around here live in very fragile glass houses, and get a lot more in tax breaks than the average non-landowning working stiff trying to make it with middle class employment. Where does Chisago County GOP stand on that??

Anonymous said...

I can see the Democrats are happy that maybe soon the farmers will have to give up their land to the Socialist Democrats and the Democrats will give it to the ones who support them. Sound like redistribution to you Libs? Don't wish for this because maybe LaBomba will take yours too! Remember, only government people will have money, the rest of us will be standing in lines waiting for bread!!!!!! You Libs make me sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

And you think they should be able to keep their land using my tax dollars? Please explain how that fits in to a Republican philosophy.
Only 'government people' will have the money? Like the Republican 'government people' who have been in charge 28 of the last 40 years? Please explain how my tax dollars being paid to farmers for not farming, or for helping them get better prices than a free market would provide, fits in with your ideas of what a Republican is. Does the Chisago County Republican Party support such massive redistribution of wealth?? I want to know! Farming in this nation is the most protected economy, and it is protected by redistribution of wealth from non-agricultural taxpayers to agricultural land owners. The proof is on the web site. http://farm.ewg.org/farm/region.php?fips=27025