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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Stupid, Empty DFL Rhetoric

In the Parrot Ad, the DFL impeaches Don Taylor with being "Just Another Politician Parroting the Party Line" who ". . . simply repeats the rhetoric he’s told by his party bosses."

Before Taylor is even elected to the House and before he has even cast a vote, the DFL knows that—amazing foresight!

What is their evidence for this charge? Well it’s because he was handpicked by Republican leaders—amazing hindsight!

Of course, Rep. Jeremy Kalin (D-17B) couldn’t possibly have been handpicked by DFL bosses. He couldn’t possibly parrot the party line even though he has a two-year voting record, aligning himself with the DFL in the vast majority of cases—amazing blindness!

Applying DFL logic to the DFL, Kalin is "Just Another Politician Parroting the Party Line" who ". . . simply repeats the rhetoric he’s told by his party bosses."

The DFL parrot has a very large blind spot. The DFL parrot spews a bunch of self-incriminating rhetoric.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should check Taylor's website...:

"Nov. 20th Met with the House Republican Campaign Committee for an interview.

Nov. 23rd Announced my candidacy to family and friends.

Dec. 1st Attended an all day campaign school put on by the HRCC.

Dec.3rd Attended luncheon with Governor Pawlenty and 9 other potential candidates."

Sounds like he was chosen by the party to me. The endorsement process is broken. The BPOU doesn't really have a say anymore - the Cuucus leaders and the Governor seem to be the only ones that matter when it comes to picking candidates.

Elephant Herd said...

You don't know what you are talking about. The HRCC interviewed many others as well, all of whom were suggested by the grassroots.

The grassroots also endorsed Taylor from among 4 candidates who desired to run out of many others who had expressed an interest or were asked by the grassroots to consider it.

The endorsement process in the Chisago County Republican Party is alive and well. The HRCC did not interfere with that process. The Governor did not pick our endorsed candidate.

I can also tell you the leaders of the County GOP did not determine the candidates. All candidates were truly from the grassroots.

You need more information to interpret those notes on Taylor's web site accurately. They are true, but they do not tell the whole story.

So your assertion, based on ignorance of facts, does not support the uninformed claim of the DFL parrot ad.

Anonymous said...

Why was a candidate for endorsement barred from attending a meeting with the HRCC - with Taylor and his cronies - a few months before the caucuses, even?

Sure didn't sound like an open process to me at the time. Sounds like, unfortunately, the DFL is right about the process in the GOP right now.

And what happened to the override 6? Oh yeah, at least 4 of them are out of their party's caucus now... Shame, isn't it?

Elephant Herd said...

Please enlighten us about who was barred from meeting with the HRCC "a few months before the caucuses."

When did it happen? Where did it happen?

You obviously have inside information. Please let us know your secret tidbits.

Your attempt to smear the HRCC and Don Taylor is just as unethical as the DFL's smear campaign. When you throw around accusations, you better be able to back them up with facts.