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Sunday, November 02, 2008

William F. Buckley Fan

You say you are trying to make a point and you criticize us for not responding. Here is some food for thought for you regarding the logic you use here, here and here.

In the picture, Joe the Farmer is criticizing Obama’s spreading the wealth around. You then criticize his criticism. However, your criticism doesn’t answer his criticism.

1. You assumed Joe the Farmer’s criticism. In fact, you don’t know what his criticism is. Earlier I had written, "This "farmer" is making a statement which cannot be fully understood without more information from him." Yet you jumped in head first and criticized an unknown, but assumed criticism. You created a straw man to criticize.

2. You then transferred Joe the Farmer’s assumed criticism of Obama’s spreading the wealth around to all the Joe the Republicans on this blog.

3. You then criticize Joe the Republicans as if they support spreading the wealth around through farm subsidies.

4. You then tell us that Republicans are hypocrites because they aren’t supposed to support farm subsidies.

5. Further, you appear to support spreading the wealth around through farm subsidies because you claim to understand the logic behind such programs.

6. So you criticize us for supporting what it appears you actually support.

Wow! Your logic is stunning. If you can follow the erudition of William F. Buckley, you should not have any trouble setting forth your case logically and cogently. Please indulge us.

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