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Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Non-parrots in the Parrot Ad

The Parrot Ad leads us to believe all Republicans parrot the party line of the Republican bosses. Then strangely, the same ad switches to condemning the Republican Party bosses for punishing the Override Six who didn’t parrot the party line by voting for the transportation bill.

I guess not all Republicans were handpicked by the party bosses after all. Apparently some Republicans can do something original! Thank you Dems for letting the truth slip out. Not all Republicans are parrots!

The ad designers couldn’t even be consistent with an ad theme. Their own exception disproves their own imagined rule. The great DFL thinkers slipped a couple of cogs as they developed the ad theme and then negated it, creating internal conflicts with the ad message. Thank you for wasting so much DFL money on a lousy flyer. Keep up the great work!

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