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Friday, October 31, 2008

Life Democrat Style

Spreading the wealth around
by taking and giving
and taking a cut!


Anonymous said...

Let's see . . . The trick-or-treaters are the hardworking taxpayers. The man at the door represents the democrats. And the people he gives the candy to are the big landowners who get paid to do absolutely nothing through agricultural subsidies. Do I have that right? So you are saying you don't support such wasteful subsidies? http://farm.ewg.org/farm/region.php?fips=27025 reports that the top 20 Chisago County recipients of redistributed wealth in the form of ag subsidies in 2006 are:
1 Kgl Farms ∗ North Branch, MN 55056 $54,884
2 Bruce M Peterson Forest Lake, MN 55025 $51,762
3 Nick Buehring Rush City, MN 55069 $50,152
4 Brian D Greene Shafer, MN 55074 $49,473
5 Diane J Peterson Forest Lake, MN 55025 $49,166
6 Sandberg Farms ∗ Taylors Falls, MN 55084 $47,924
7 John P Peterson Jr North Branch, MN 55056 $42,600
8 Mold Farm Partnership ∗ Rush City, MN 55069 $41,771
9 James C Klinke Taylors Falls, MN 55084 $37,308
10 Holmquist Farm Inc ∗ Chisago City, MN 55013 $33,103
11 Keith Johnson Center City, MN 55012 $32,420
12 Kevin Rochel Shafer, MN 55074 $32,127
13 Barry Engdahl Rush City, MN 55069 $31,298
14 Jay T Flodquist North Branch, MN 55056 $30,797
15 G Phillip Rambosek Shafer, MN 55074 $30,345
16 Mallery Jerseys Inc ∗ Shafer, MN 55074 $30,080
17 Allen Ekstrom North Branch, MN 55056 $29,978
18 Mark Moulton Rush City, MN 55069 $29,684
19 Charles O Petersen Rush City, MN 55069 $29,258
20 Kevin Mann North Branch, MN 55056 $26,518

Recognize any Republicans?

Anonymous said...

Most of these people are Democracts, Jeremy.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1: You have a seriously bad case of the disease called Joe the Farmer envy.

Why don't you become a farmer to get a public handout for doing "absolutely nothing"?

Anonymous said...

I, (anonymous #1) am trying to make a point. I keep seeing criticism here about the term "Spread the Wealth" and simple-minded comments about taxing some to benefit others. No one who runs this web site will respond as being against this huge collection of taxes to benefit agricultural land owners. They are OK with entitlements as long as they are the ones on the receiving end. Complete hypocrisy. I actually understand the logic behind such programs, and am tired of hearing blind mindless criticism of Democrats as "Tax and Spend", when this "Chisago is GOP" county depends upon such 'tax and spend' programs, and is heavily per capita on the receiving end of these ag subsidies. I hate dishonest arguments. I am a big fan of William F. Buckley. I may vote Republican again when they can campaign on ideas and ideals, rather than hate and derision.