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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Senator Rick Olseen Racks Up a Zero Along with Kalin

The Legislative Evaluation Assembly (L.E.A.) 2008 Report on the Minnesota Legislature shows that Senator Rick Olseen (the Senator for this legislative district -- District 17) has also earned a zero rating along with his counterpart in the House, Representative Jeremy Kalin. (See the blog on Kalin's zero rating also)
What is it with these two -and other - DFL legislators? Back home here they tell folks they are working hard for us but their record at the Capitol where they are supposed to represent us and work for our best interest shows just the absolute opposite? They are "out of sync" with the needs of the people of this district - they talk one thing here and do another thing down there at the Capitol. If they supported good legislation their voting records should not be "in the tank."

DFL legislators seem to have gone absolutely zany "liberal" on everything. One after another shows bad voting records. In addition to Olseen's zero rating we find Senator Lourey of nearby legislative district 8 is also in the "zero" category.


Anonymous said...

Since Don Taylor is only half way through his mayor position who will be paying for the special election (if he wins). Will Mr. Taylor screw the tax payer of Chisago City? If Mr. Taylor does something like this I would assume we can call him a career politician? Skipping from one job to another before the job is done. I would think Republicans would be outraged!! What is the true cost of a special election? I think Don should find out and tell the public.

MisterC said...

Anonymous - Nice try, but you are a moron; or simply too lazy to do your research; or (most likely) a PARTISAN HACK WHO DOESN'T CARE ABOUT THE TRUTH!

Look up state statute 412.02 and you will see that a special election would NOT BE REQUIRED because there would be fewer than two years left on the Mayor's term - assuming he resigned effective 1-1-2009 or later.

Newly (re)elected Legislators will not be sworn in until 1-6-2009.

Chisago City could choose to spend money on a special election if they would like, but it would not be required. There would not be one red cent required of taxpayers if Don Taylor is elected to the Legislature.

Some people's kids.

Anonymous said...

Under Don Taylor’s administration taxes in Chisago City are going UP!!! The city had paid down most of its bonds but now the City is bonded to the hilt!! The biggest tax payer screw job is Camp Ojiketa. Why wasn’t this put to a city wide vote? Don is lapping up public funding (can you say earmark?) like they are going out of style. The best part is the state funding source was championed by Jeremy Kalin.

Don says he is for lower taxes but what has he done in Chisago City. He hasn’t cut on single budget!! The latest talk in town is that City taxes will be going up next year. I would assume one of you “budget hawks” could verify that!!