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Sunday, October 05, 2008


Don't feel sorry for Representative Jeremy Kalin. Not quite yet! He's using the old political tactic of nice guy being mistreated.

Gee whiz, on the one hand poor "nice guy" Kalin has had to "charge forward through a quagmire of lies, deception and attacks of (sic) his character by the political opposition" and on another hand an orchestrated push poll using such "ridiculously slanted and biased wording (that it) was enough to make a person puke" (genteel Jeremy would not have used the crude word puke - we are reasonably sure that he would have said vomit but we understand that the writer had to use the word puke to enhance his point) In neither of these instances were any "proofs" of the allegations made - they were only asserted.

And of course the two honorable letter writers who ventilated themselves on behalf of genteel Jeremy in the Letters from Readers section on pages 4 and 5 of the ECM Post Review, October l, 2008 make their assertions (that) it was the nasty "political opposition" known by the second letter writer to be the "Republican Party (which) is playing "'slash and burn' politics in Chisago County as well as in the state and national elections."

Two critical points stand out in these two letters: 1) the "quagmire of lies, deception and personal attack of character by the political opposition" were never defined, demonstrated, illustrated, listed or shown - they were just simply asserted without any proof being advanced. 2) the public was not given any proof that such a push poll ever took place - it was just asserted. And certainly no proof was ever given - even assuming such a push poll did take place - that it was done by "the Republicans." It was just asserted.

This an example of attributing malicious activity to an opponent, in this case the Republican Party being the accused opponent, without a shred of evidence to prove guilt and the letter writers themselves become guilty of that which they accuse.

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