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Monday, July 14, 2008

"Socket" To Us Jeremy!

House File 1890 authored by Jeremy Kalin would "set energy efficiency standards for water coolers. . . . . ."

Conserve even more electricity, Representative Kalin, do away with water coolers and drink the water straight from the faucet at room temperature. So who needs it cooled!

And Kalin would also prescribe energy efficiency standards even for such major (!) energy parasites as DVD players and AC/DC converter plugs!!

A real environmentalist he, that Kalin!


Elephant Herd said...

Conservation of energy is a religious byword among liberals. Their mantra is conserve, conserve, conserve---we can conserve our way out of energy shortage.

Isn't it amazing how liberals become conservatives when they don't want us to use energy? They want to conserve supply by restricting demand.

Energy conservatism serves them well when they want to control American freedom and growth. They will stand alongside enormous energy resources and prohibit its usage, conserving it for use perhaps never. And then they spend our tax dollars liberally to procure energy from subsidized sources such as wind, solar and ethanol.

And they spend our taxes liberally (probably beyond gains attained) to make water coolers and electronics conservative in the use of energy. Their conservatism never let's the market work. It is always forced upon us.

phil said...

Maybe Kalin could move in and live (wink) with his wife in her Minneapolis home. Think of the energy he would save. Only 1 water heater, only 1 A/C, 1 furnace, 1 refrigerator and so on... What a hypocrite that Kalin is.

Anonymous said...

It is very unfair of all of you to pick on our energenic young Representative. He is trying so hard to help the poor. At the Lindstrom parade dear Jeremy collected at least enough food to feed one VERY SMALL Chisagoian. As to living with is wife...Jeremy had to move just a little further north to get at lease 50 miles away from the state capitol...he was missing out on his transportation expense money! Now, you have to admit, that's thinking outside the box, or maybe outside the 50 limit for transportation reimbursment.