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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Beware Global Warming

Global warming may cause kidney stones. Sure enough, that’s what it says here.

And it may cause climate change delusion. For kicks, read this.

And it even causes fish to grow bigger.

In each of these alleged cause and effect relationships, it is assumed that global warming is a fact and the cause. This is not science. It is impossible for non-existent global warming to cause anything. In deed, much of the media and so many politicians are under the delusion of climate change.


Anonymous said...

In fact, is there anything that global warming does not cause or change?!!

Elephant Herd said...

Come to think of it, global warming from the sun does affect all things. It makes our planet liveable.

Without the sun, all land would be tundra and all oceans would be ice caps even if we burned all the oil and natural gas we can find.