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Thursday, July 17, 2008


Both Senator Olseen and Representative Kalin have had a convenient "out" for their own failures - this dynamic DFL Duo have skillfully played the "blame-the-Governor" and the opposition party game.

Conveniently they would proclaim that "the Governor vetoed this or that; the Governor was not cooperative; the Governor indicated he was opposed to this or that; the Governor did not govern in a non-partisan or bi-partisan way; the Governor was too conservative; and on and on they would go complaining about the Governor - as a ruse to cover up their own incompetence, failures and liberal extremism.

But indicators are starting to show up that the luxury of the "blame game" may be running out of steam for the Senator and the Representative and that it may not work well for them any more.

To illustrate that development turn to the front page article in the July 16, 2008 issue of The Post Review where we read this exchange: "Board Chair Kim Salo brought up the subject of state assessment testing and noted that three-quarters of state students did not pass the math test. Both Kalin and Olseen noted efforts to address assessment testing that were met with opposition from Governor Tim Pawlenty, prompting Superintendent Deb Henton to reply, "I don't care about governors vetoes, I care about juniors passing the test."

Clearly Kalin and Olseen were interested in passing the buck while equally clearly the Superintendent and the Board Chair are interested in the students passing the tests!

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