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Saturday, July 26, 2008


Notice how Representative Kalin and Senator Olseen have "nothing to brag about"; oh, all right - nothing to "cheer" about! Absolutely nothing to "write home about" from their efforts this past legislative session!

So they resort to writing about folksy, irrelevant local things like walking the dog, enjoying community celebrations, smelling the roses and pulling the little red play wagon, in parades, on behalf of "the poor." And things like that; things that have nothing to do about substantive accomplishments in the legislature!

And notice how they are being hammered by the local folks, by the county boards, by the school boards and adminstrators, the taxpayers and others who do not like what they did . Or what they promised or what they implied that they would accomplish but did not do!

They are "smarting" from these well-deserved localized criticisms so, early on, Olseen and Kalin are having to have surrogates write letters-to-the-editor pumping them up and telling us that they are nice guys (nobody has ever quibbled that!) even though they accomplished nothing other than raising taxes and doing the bidding of the buy-out bosses for whom they really work.

Examine their voting records. Examine who has funded their campaigns and you'll get the picture!

Under the representation of Kalin and Olseen taxpayers got their taxes raised, vehicle owners got their licenses increased and most others got fees raised (historically, "fees" were called "tax increases" by Democrats you will recall!).

And, oh yes, Olseen and Kalin got their per diems and mileage hiked!

Clearly we poor constituents didn't get our moneys worth with these two liberals!

This is one time it is permissible to agree with Obama - IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE!

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