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Saturday, July 05, 2008


Some people are ignorant beyond help or hope! A letter to the editor appeared this week in at least a couple area weekly newspapers that is a classic example of such horrible and hate-filled ignorance.

The following is a word-for-word reprint of that letter as it appeared in those newspapers under the signature of "Charlie Rike, Pine City." You will shudder that anyone in our day could be so misinformed, no, just plain ignorant. There is no other word that fits!

Here's the letter to the Editor -

Dear Editor:

What an "outrage."

We all witnessed this past week the very disgraceful decision by the Nation's Supreme Court to lower the EXXON oil spill settlement to the ridiculous amount of $15,000 per person hurt by the oil spill that happened 15 years ago. That oil spill took the livelihood and lives of many hundreds of hard working Alaskans.

As Don Shelby of WCCO Channel Four pointed out, the Supreme Court's ruling of $500 million amounts to only one week's profits for EXXON. They have probably spent many times that amount fighting the case in court for over 15 years. The number one reason to support a democrat for president this fall is to have a more friendly Supreme Court. By electing a more Democratic Congress and President, we can achieve that. Many ask why are we not getting things turned around in this country now when we have had a Democratic majority in Congress the past two years. The reason being is we still do not have a large enough majority to over ride the Bush veto pen or enough majority to stop the unrelenting Republican filibusters. In the next eight years, there is a very real possibility there will be four Supreme Court vacancies, if "McSame" gets in working people in this country will get hurt even more. This Supreme Court has become a pawn to big business.

We need a larger majority to make real changes possible. We also need to replace Bush's lap dog Norm Coleman right here in Minnesota. Coleman was hand picked by Cheney, Bush and Rove to run against Paul Wellstone. If Wellstone had not been killed right prior to the election six years ago, Coleman would never have been elected. Coleman's claim to be a 90 percent improvement over Wellstone is an outrage. Coleman voted in lock-step with Bush over 90 percent of the time, yet claiming to be independent is a joke! Al Franken would make a great US Senator for working people, for the retired people of Minnesota and for all Americans.

Vote Democratic this fall and change the direction for a much better America.

Charlie Rike
Pine City

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