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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Area needs Don Taylor

There is a good letter to the editor in the Chisago County Press, July 3, 2008. It is not online so it is reproduced here.

To the Editor,

I read Jeremy Kalin’s letter to the editor and it left me troubled. It puzzled me why my legislator is taking time to inform me that there are families in my county who have to choose which member of the family is going to be allowed to eat on a particular night. Jeremy’s answer is to forego campaign literature (he still passes out stickers) at parades and collect food for the poor. If that is Jeremy’s answer, it falls short.

If Jeremy knows of families who truly need help, he should be directing them to the many government and private helping organizations in Chisago County. There is no need for families to go hungry. Churches help. Families help. Individuals help. Schools collect good [sic]. Organizations like the Boy and Girl Scouts collect food. The Post Office workers collect food. School lunches are subsidized for those who need help. There is no shortage of caring in Chisago County. The difference is this: a legislator is in a unique position to help the poor or at least make sure they are not hurt.

Jeremy Kalin hurt the citizens in need in Chisago County by voting to raise the gas tax. No one is hurt more by an increase in the gas tax than the poor. During a time of economic downturn and rising gas prices, Jeremy voted to raise the gas tax. Not only do the poor pay for [sic] tax for their own gasoline, they pay the increased gas tax for the transportation of all their food, clothing and everything else they buy.

Kalin voted to raise vehicle license tab fees by at least $25. That’s $50 per year for a two-car working family. Kalin increased the tax on propane and natural gas which also hits the poor. And in some locations, the sales tax on vehicle purchases will increase. Besides that, there is a new tax on cans of paint.

How are the poor suppose to get to work? How are the poor suppose to heat their homes? Kalin made life worse for the poor and he should be ashamed.

When I see Jeremy and his little red wagons at the parades, I am reminded of the harm he did to the people in need all over the state of Minnesota and I am reminded that we need a representative who really cares and understands the people of this county. We need Don Taylor.

Galen Strovers


Update: This letter was also published in the Post Review.

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Anonymous said...

I spoke to Jeremy Kalin before he was voted in and he assured me that he was going to fight to keep taxes down and keep the legistature from spending to much of our money. Well,I was fooled and he and his Democratic partners spent our money like drunken sailors. If you want more of your hard earned money wasted vote for Jeremy Kalin.