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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Family Values vs. 14,000 Abortions annually

Ok, The annual statistics are in and there were 13,843 abortions performed in Minnesota last year. The press touts the fact that the total is down by some 1.57% from last year. Wahoo! The pundits will declare victory and call for more sex ed in the classrooms and for us to provide free birth control for school children of all ages to help those numbers decrease even further in the future. They will also promote legislation that prohibits the notification of parents of minor children who have this procedure performed on them.

What these individuals do not realize is that there is a much bigger problem here if you look at the big picture. Why are these people (predominantly young) having sex and worse yet, unprotected sex in the first place? Very few people want to explore this issue because it leads back to the one of the largest issues facing our society today; the erosion of the family structure and the family values. The moral conduct of our society has become such that no other word can describe this situation other than epidemic. Children are expected to be reared in our schools instead of our homes, they are learning values and social code from video games and the internet, and the moral fiber we learned from our parents a generation ago has been swept away by the broom of the ‘politically correct.’

It is no wonder that nearly 14,000 life ending abortions were performed here in Minnesota last year, the heartland of our great country. We want to give out condoms in our schools instead of teaching moral conduct and abstinence at home because it is easier. We allow our children to sit in front of the TV and play video games and chat on the internet instead of helping them with homework. We are not spending time talking with them and making sure that they know what the right choice would be in the different situations they are bound to encounter on the road of life. Parenting isn’t easy and it takes a lot of time and effort. Too many parents are not willing to sacrifice their own social life for the good of the children they brought into this world. Why should I as a parent stop spending time at the bar, have to take a bike ride with my family instead of playing softball every weekend, take my son to scouts instead of poker with the guys every week…. Maybe because spending time with my children, teaching them, parenting them so that they don’t become one of the statistics mentioned above is just the Right thing to do.

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