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Saturday, July 12, 2008


"The HHS (Health & Human Services) BUDGET CONSTITUTES APPROXIMATELY HALF OF ALL CHISAGO COUNTY EXPENDITURES." (Source: Guest Columnist commentary in Forest Lake Times by Chisago County Commissioner Ben Montzka - posted May 10, 2006)

Thus a multi-million dollar county human services department is in place and is charged with the responsibility to administer programs to meet human need but, according to you, Rep. Kalin, even with this high expenditure of public money, apparently the job is not getting done.

If, as you assert, Rep. Kalin, there are families in Chisago county who "have to choose which family member will eat tonight" then, Rep. Kalin, surely you will want to - along with Senator Olseen - publish a letter to the Chisago County Board and the public sharing and revealing the facts you have relied on and your research that support your allegation of the unmet basic human need for food in Chisago county since avoidable hunger is not a societally acceptable circumstance.

The County Commissioners and the public want to know why the job is not getting done.

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