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Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Melting Artic

There are numerous reports about the accelerated melting of the northern, polar ice cap. This article has a graphic which shows the size of the ice cap since 1980. While this linked article tells of the fact of ice melt without trying to explain its cause, many such stories blame it on global warming. Just like President Bush, global warming is blamed for everything!

In reality, there is no global warming, so there must be another explanation for the extensive ice melt in the Arctic. The cause(s) may elude us, but perhaps it is due to massive, under-sea volcanoes in the Artic. For more reading, look at this.


MisterC said...

Record Arctic Ice loss the last couple years was NOT FROM GLOBAL Warming!!!

Don't take my word for it. NASA said so... "The winds causing this trend in ice reduction were set up by an unusual pattern of atmospheric pressure that began at the beginning of this century."

Read it on NASA's website:

Oh, and remember all the hype this year about possibly melting enough Arctic ice to have a clear channel through the Nortwest passage?? Check this out: http://wattsupwiththat.wordpress.com/2008/07/02/northwest-passage-still-impassable/

I'm going out on a limb here with my prediction, but... Nope, no ships in the Northwest Passage this year. Not even close.

MisterC said...

Goofy NASA linky. See if this one works better...


Elephant Herd said...

Thanks misterc for the good link. I had read about the wind patterns in another article and that was in my mind when I suggested cause(s)for the ice melt. But together, the winds and under sea volcanoes would do a number on the polar ice cap.

I call attention to a sentence in the NASA article.

"Improving ice forecast models will require new physical insights and understanding of complex Arctic processes and interactions."

That is an observation made by a scientist who truly realizes his own lack of data and the complex interaction of a host of processes. I respect such a person.

I despise the arrogance of an Al Gore who is a know-it-all. Man can become so haughty because we begin to understand some earth processes that we think we have mastered them all. True science should make us humble as we observe creation.

Elephant Herd said...

The Northwest Passage to China must be rooted in the lore of northern Europeans. To expend so much energy and money searching for it in the 1500s implies the ancients knew about it.

Perhaps the polar region was free of ice and actually used for shipping, but written records were lost. A frozen north for centuries would prevent passage but not dim the ancient lore.

I have not read anything about the history of the lore about the Northwest Passage. I suspect the lore is rooted in actuality. An open polar region for many years implies a much warmer world than we know today--a world not heated by oil and coal.