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Sunday, July 06, 2008

KALIN: "Families Choose Which Members Eat Tonight."

JEREMY KALIN jabs in the eye every charitable, religious, public and private organization and entity in the County when he spreads the untruth that "families in my county (now he owns the county too?!) have to choose which family member is going to be allowed to eat tonight. (letter to the editor - Chisago County Press).

If KALIN's untruth were true then KALIN should do more than pull his little red wagon in parades pretending he is putting people before politics.

JEREMY KALIN owes a public apology to every agency of charity in the County/District for falsely claiming these agencies have fallen down or are falling down on the job.

KALIN should, in addition, refer "the hungry" families/persons that he alleges to know who are "taking daily turns at eating " - he should refer any name that he knows that fits the "hungry category" to any of the entities mentioned above and he will find that they will be well served.

If not, then KALIN has an obligation to name the group, organization, church, public social service department or agency that refuses to meet legitimate needs.

Clearly, unless KALIN takes positive steps and refers "the hungry" that he alleges to know and acts as advocated above one can only conclude that KALIN IS TRAFFICKING IN PEOPLES' PERSONAL TRAGEDY AND THAT HE IS DOING JUST THE OPPOSITE OF HIS CLEVER CAMPAIGN SLOGAN AND IS GUILTY OF PUTTING "POLITICS BEFORE PEOPLE!"

Representative Kalin, the next move is yours.


Anonymous said...

Seriously? Not only do you seem to be earnestly attacking someone for helping collect food for area food shelfs - you're making stuff up entirely.

Read the letter to the editor again... "Some of our neighbors in Chisago County are facing even tougher choices."

Somehow, because I guess you want it to read "my county" you just make it so.

This whole thread is embarassing - for you, and for the whole Republican party.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous. You can't be serious. I have collected food many times for food shelves (many people have). I have given food to people begging on the street. I have paid for hotel rooms for people from out of town, stranded with a broken down car on the side of the road. I have never once submitted a letter to the editor telling everyone about it while campaigning to get re-relected. Let's be honest here, shall we?

Anonymous said...

REP. JEREMY KALIN is welcome to cram all the "food for the hungry" that he can into his little play-toy red coaster wagon that he pulls around in parades.

But that commendable charitable instinct by Mr. Kalin does not address the larger issue - his allegation, or at least implicit criticism, that the several area agencies of society fail to meet the basic food needs of the hungry in this county.

It has the appearance that Mr. Kalin is hiding under his "political vest" either the names of the agencies that are not doing their duty or that he does not really have any names of the hungry to back up his allegations.

The public has a right to know and that is why he is being pressed on the issue.