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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Failure of Ethanol and IPCC

I always enjoy economist Walter Williams whenever he hosts a talk show or writes.

Check out his article on the ethanol hoax.

Also the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is on the hot seat.

The founder of the weather channel says we should sue Al Gore.


Jonathan Glassel said...

Who is Elephant Herd? And why does he seek to discredit Global Warming?
Chisagogop.blogspot as near as I can ascertain, is operated by the Republican Party of Chisago County, yet Elephant Herd, the dominant poster, seems intent to distance the local GOP from its national leaders. George Bush is slammed for his Ethanol Program while John McCain is chided for his stance on Global Warming.
Elephant Herd is long on criticism and short on answers.
The plain fact of the matter is quite simple. We do not know what the future holds for us, for our children or for our children’s children.
Nature will self correct, that is certain. How man, the greatest and most successful of nature’s creations will fit into this natural correction is apparently, up to us.
Geologically speaking, the permanent ice caps at the poles are a recent phenomenon. A mere two million years ago, the land masses of North and South America were joined at the Isthmus of Panama by volcanic activity. Ocean currents were disrupted, reducing the amount of warm water going to the Poles. As the snowfall became permanent, the snow itself reflected light and heat back into space further cooling the Earth.
Now, add some peculiar wobbles as the earth spins on its axis and slight alterations of its orbit around the sun and a pattern of Ice Ages, coming and going every 26,000 years or so is established. Yet, in all those past Ice ages that have come and gone over the past two million years, the Poles have never been free of ice.
The North Pole may be ice free in the summers as early as 2012 and is expected to be completely free of ice by the year 2050.
We are 13,000 years out of the last Ice Age and 13,000 years before the next one, with many decisions facing the six billion people on this planet.
In the past 40,000 years, Earth has lost species to extinction at a rate that exceeds “The Great Dying” of the Permian Extinction. Once thought to be a relatively short event, most scientists now believe the “Great Dying” of 251.4 million years ago was an excruciatingly painful event lasting some 80,000 years. The devastation was so thorough and so near complete, 10 million years passed before life could once again flourish on our planet.
Earth has suffered five major extinction events in her history. Most scientists believe we are in the middle phase of Earth’s sixth and possibly greatest extinction event.
The Arctic, with its great diversity of life is lost, succumbing to Global Warming and Abrupt Climate Change. Future Historians will likely place the “Tipping Point,” the Global Warming Point of No Return, in the year 2010, some 40 years before the current predictions.
As with the Permian Event, most life on earth will cease if global temperatures rise to the point where frozen methane is released from the tundra and sea floors enveloping the earth in a dense fog of greenhouse gases.
Man is the only species on this planet that can acquire, retain and pass knowledge to future generations by non-genetic means. Mankind is the only species on this planet that can overcome its very genetics.
As such, man is well equipped by Nature to prevent this next extinction event by moving forward, as there is no going back to a life in caves and tee pees. Living off a land devoid of biological diversity will not be possible, as we cannot digest rocks. Mankind’s survival will depend solely upon its technology.

How can we create this technology with our heads buried in the sand?

Jonathan P. Glassel offers solid solutions to local problems and is the best choice to replace Bob Gustafson as your County Commissioner.

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