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Friday, March 21, 2008

Kalin's Kapers

Kalin must be one busy, busy man for he tells us he has knocked at over 10,000 doors. That figure came up a long time ago in connection with his election campaign - so is this now a new set of door knocking figures as well as his being at the legislalture as well as his being a "designer" employed in North Branch? As with his other "facts" and "statistics" and "figures" he never ties them down so they can be verified. And where does he live? Lindstrom as in the telephone book? North Branch which is the place of his supposed current employment as a design engineer? Or in Minneapolis in which case we are represented by an "absentee Representative?" Please clarify Jeremy.

Friend of Freedom


Elephant Herd said...

Welcome Friend of Freedom!

You entered the blogosphere with a splash. Great questions!

Anonymous said...

You are so right on. One question I have: Kalin says he talked to people at the doors and they agreed that the gas tax needed to be raised!! Does anyone remember him asking that question? I would be interested in anyone who remembers yes or no!!