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Monday, March 24, 2008

A Message to our Readers

This blog is the Internet face of the Chisago County Republican Party. A few of the many Republicans in the county post on it. The contributors change from time to time. None of us individually speaks for the GOP in Chisago County. As Republicans, we hold to the State GOP platform. But there is a wide range of thought in the GOP. The contributors are free to disagree even among themselves. We all have different backgrounds and various interests, but we are all passionate for freedom and conservatism.

The current contributors have chosen to be anonymous. However, a contributor is free to post under a legal name. Our names are unimportant; the ideas we present are foremost. We desire to engage the readers’ thoughts with ideas. Who states those ideas is unimportant.

We read widely and link to many informative articles and opinion columns available from many sources. We peruse other blogs and pick up information. Many of our readers do the same and find this blog of value also. We aim to be educational, even if it may only be by passing on a link to an educational piece on the web. Frequently we engage the piece with our own comments to stimulate our readers. The increasing traffic on our blog indicates our readers find it to be of some modest value.

We are interested in the national and international scene, the state and local. This blog has taken Republican legislators and our own Republican Governor to task. And we tackle our DFL Senator and Representative. While a politician’s name is always attached to ideas in legislation, it is the ideas that we are after. But we challenge the politician who tries to govern the rest of us with those ideas put into law.

This blog fills a niche to make what is happening in St. Paul readily available to Chisago County readers. To fulfill this, there are many links on our blog for readers to utilize. The material that is available is too voluminous for any contributor to handle. Thus we must be selective. It takes considerable time to investigate a particular topic, locate the data on the web, evaluate it and then write comments that are concise and understandable with all the source material readily available to the reader for you to check the accuracy of our posts.

This blog is our soap box. You are welcome to listen. Without readers, our words are so much breath in the wind. We welcome your comments too, because that stimulates us. That is what a blog is for. It is a dialog that takes place in a public venue with the expectation that we all learn.

While on our soap box, we do not want to be dull and boring. We will be light-hearted and deadly serious. We aim to needle and provoke. We aim to be educational. We will be critical. In the end, we are after truth which is so elusive in this relativistic age. Our greatest joys would be strengthening a weak conservative and converting a liberal to conservatism.

If you enjoy our blog, let us know via a comment. If you disagree with something, say it in a comment. We will engage those comments that deserve a response.
Elephant Herd


Anonymous said...

It's been my experience that those most anxious to goad people into revealing real names are also the most likely to use those names for nefarious purposes.

In the case of the recent commenter, judging by posts at his blog, that suspicion is not without merit.

I would hope that none of the authors here feel compelled to rise to the bait.

Keep up the good work.

Chisago Mama said...

Elephant Herd,
I think this blog serves a greatly needed purpose. It is my hope that the discussion of conservative issues continues. Anonymous writers have the freedom to write without fear of admonition. The thoughts are what is important, not the writers' names.